FtpLocate  - make your own FTP Search Engine

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FtpLocate is a FTP search engine written with Perl.  It has the following features.


We have indexed 27 FTP sites with a Celeron450/256MB ram machine.
There are 924322 dirs, 3823568 files found, total size is 1064GB.

It takes about 5 hours to collect file list, the total size is 410MB.
Indexing of file list takes 30 minute, file list index size is 18MB

After filelist indexing is done, we use it to get filelist of files containing description information. Now the description parser recognizes Linux lsm, FreeBSD package index, Simtel 00index and RFC index. If a file is unrecognized, the description parser will try a wild guess. :)

It takes about 2 hour to get the descriptions files, the total size is 34MB.
Parsing and indexing of descriptions takes 5 minutes, index size is 9MB.

Most queries in this example will be finished within 3 seconds.

 ps: An example ftplocate is available at
       http://turtle.ee.ncku.edu.tw/cgi-bin/ftplocate/flsearch.pl(filename search) and
       http://turtle.ee.ncku.edu.tw/cgi-bin/ftplocate/dsearch.pl (Description Search)


  ps: FtpLocate was developed on FreeBSD 3.1 Release, Perl 5.00502, Apache 1.3.4 and Glimpse 4.1



documents system files data collecting and indexing programs search CGI programs misc CGI programs text based client log files (created by install program) data directories (created by install program)



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Chung-Kie Tung
Distributed System Lab.
E.E. NCKU. Taiwan